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Peripheral Neuropathy

Nerve disorder causes pain and numbness for millions of Americans.

Do you suffer with pain, numbness or pins and needles in your legs and feet?

Today you can get rid of irritating numbness and pain in your legs and feet with an FDA-cleared treatment.

No matter where the problem begins, it’s imperative nerve disorders are resolved as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.

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    FDA Approved Treatment

    New FDA approved treatment. *

    Rids Pain In Legs & Feet

    Patients may feel pain relief during treatment & emotional relief from reducing pain. *

    Therapy Provided On-Site

    Start your pain relief therapy right away! FDA approved pain therapy provided on-site. *

    Doctor Support

    You’ll receive ongoing support from our physicians during throughout your treatment. *

    *All reasonable efforts will be made to determine if you are a good candidate for this pain therapy before getting started. There are many factors which determine the level of pain relief which an individual may experience and how long it may take to achieve such relief. As such, it is important to note that participation in this pain therapy can not guarantee a specific amount of pain relief as results will vary for each individual.


    Many people suffer with pain for years, not realizing their symptoms may be due to Peripheral Neuropathy. Treatment options have been limited to a small assortment of pain medications, which can lead to further issues. Ignoring the problem or masking the symptoms has never been a viable solution.

    Tullos Chiropractic is pleased to announce their new program for treating Peripheral Neuropathy, which includes a combination of advanced FDA-cleared treatments with breakthrough technology that aids in healing the damaged nerves. The effects of this program can be felt on the first few visits. This treatment restores, stabilizes, and rebuilds the nerves in your extremities. Treatment has also been effective in address painful symptoms of arthritis, MS, and other forms of chronic pain. Patients generally feel relief physically throughout the treatment period and even feel better emotionallyy after experiencing a reduction in pain.


    We are confident that you will find healing and relief at Tullos Chiropractic. You will have a one-on-one consultation with one of our trained staff who will evaluate your condition and determine if you would be a candidate for this treatment. Due to the demand, we have opened an additional 30 appointments this week. Time slots fill quickly so CALL TODAY to secure your consultation.